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Why Join Cascade?

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We provide a fun and informative place for serious competitive volleyball players to learn volleyball skills and gain experience to become stronger players for their school teams and gain a life-long love of the game of volleyball. Our goal is to provide excellent coaching and a valuable volleyball experience in Seattle at a reasonable cost.


It has almost become a prerequisite to play volleyball in the off-season to be a starter on a high school varsity team. It is difficult to maintain volleyball skills if the only time you play is the 3-month school season. For example, the leading high school teams in the KingCo 4A league have nearly 100% of their JV and Varsity players playing volleyball in the off-season. During a single club tournament, our teams will play a minimum of 10 games and could play as many as 20. Each team will play a number of tournaments throughout the club season. Intramural players will have weekly skill and play sessions.

Time Commitment:

Club volleyball can be overwhelming in terms of time. By having practices in Seattle & seldom going further than Olympia or Mt. Vernon for tournaments we have cut down significantly on the time that club volleyball can consume. Most teams will have two 2-hour practices a week from December through the end of May and generally 2-4 weekend tournament days per month. Cascade also offers a once-a-week In-House Skills no-cut program option starting in January.


There are very few club volleyball options in the city of Seattle. Our core practices are located in north Seattle sites. The tournaments will be mostly in Seattle, Bellevue, Tacoma, Puyalliup or Everett, except for the Pacific Northwest Qualifier in Spokane in March.