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Memberships are valid through October 31st of each year.   USAV membership allows players to participate in any USAV sanctioned event and is required for our club insurance. 

Register and pay for our clinics BEFORE purchasing USAV, we cannot refund USAV fees if your player does not get into our classes because they are full).

CLINIC PARTICIPANTS =>> Limited Junior Membership (for clinics) - $32 for 12 and over, $15 for 11, Free for 8 & Under and under. See below for other possible options for Clinics and Summer Camps.  (if this is not available, please see OTHER MEMBERSHIP OPTIONS BELOW).


  1. Sign up for PSR/USAV Junior Membership, visit the Puget Sound Region USAV website.  
  2.  a copy of your USAV membership.
  3. Bring Signed Player Medical History and Release Form
  4. Bring Signed Student/Parent Concussion and Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Form 

NOTE: Do not email the forms - you must bring hard copies!  The only item that we accept via email is the USAV membership.



CLINIC/CAMP MEMBERSHIP=>> (Usually $10 but TBD each year)...  generally used for limited clinic/camp participation only required if no USAV purchased for current year... CAREFULLY note valid dates before choosing!

TRYOUT MEMBERSHIP=>>  $5 (opens Oct 1 each year) valid until 12/31

TOURNAMENT TEAM PLAYERS=>>(once you have been selected for a club team) - $72.